Client Support Services

True North Consulting offers Support Services via remote access to the clients server.

True North Consulting understands that utility program engineers and managers are usually overwhelmed with other collateral duties; therefore True North Consulting (TNC) has created a remote service that provides assistance for multiple specialty programs like Inservice Testing, Appendix J, Condition Monitoring, etc.

The idea is to provide a low priced remote assistance service where customers can purchase a block of hours and receive a wide variety of lower technical level support services. Once the remote login is established to the customer’s database, TNC personnel can perform your data entry and analysis directly in your database and under your direction.

Types of Services Offered

Surveillance Test Result Data Entry

Concept: With today’s high speed advanced copiers the surveillance procedures can be routinely copied and emailed to the remote assistant for data entry into IST or other associated modules. The customer’s program engineer would then simply pull up the approval screen to approve the entries.

Setting the Valve Data Input Sequence

Concept: Many clients simply enter data in the original component order listed in the database when in fact ease of data entry can be accomplished by setting the database sequence to match the component order used in the surveillance procedures. The remote assistant can log-in and update the databases based on the current order specified in your surveillance procedures.

Periodic Component Performance Trend Reviews

Concept: On a periodicity defined by the client, the remote assistant would log-in to review performance data and graph suspect components for the program engineer to investigate more thoroughly. For Appendix J trending, the remote assistant can recommend components for extended or more frequent interval testing.

Periodic Change Management Editing

Concept: Many clients go through periods of change management when multiple implementing procedures are revised and specific component tests move from one procedure to another or new procedures are created for new test types. The remote assistant can log-in and update the databases based on a matrix type input provided by the customer’s program engineer.

Other Services Include:

  • Periodic Acceptance Criteria Editing
  • External Document Linking Set-Up
  • Text Import for Plan Info & Reliefs
  • System Information Import
  • Manufacturer & Model Type Entry
  • Pump & Valve Grouping Entry
  • Schedule Assist Set-Up
  • Pump Curve Module Enhancement
  • Check Valve Module Updating
  • APPJ Performance Based Analysis
  • RV Module Set-Up and Data Entry
EP-Plus Maintenance Agreement

The Maintenance Agreement is intended to provide ongoing full service technical support and/or program maintenance coverage. This option is offered on an annual payment basis with significant savings available for multiple year and/or multiple site packages. All Updates to the purchased software are included. These include new/enhanced features and service packs.

Technical support listed is inclusive of both "User" and "Technical" questions or issues. EP Plus issues related to operating system and database upgrades are included as technical support. See below for Help Desk Support.


  • Unlimited telephone/e-mail support during normal business hours.
  • Prearranged after hours telephone support.
  • On-site support for EP Plus related issues at reduced rates.
  • Generic software updates or enhancements provided at no cost (enhancements to existing modules).
  • Option to purchase new software modules at reduced cost.
  • Additional software customization and/or report generation at reduced rates. 

Requested customization, additional reporting formats, or other programming requirements above those purchased in the original base package(s) are handled on a Time & Material Basis.  Reduced rates are listed for this type of activity in the Commercial Section independent of Standard Maintenance Agreement fees.

Please contact Manager Software Services, Jeff Neyhard at (970) 964-2757 or to learn more about any of our software products and services.

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