TP-Plus™ Suite

TP-Plus is a suite of powerful and unique calculation modules for use in the electric power industry to simplify and provide time-saving, convenient methods of tracking thermal performance in nuclear, fossil and combined cycle plant applications.

TP-Plus includes a convenient user interface into this suite of calculation modules. Modules can be purchased as needed and added to the TP-PLUS package at any time.

The TP-Plusfamily consists of the following thermal performance modules:

TP-Plus CIM 
Thermal Performance-Plus CIM is a unique software product designed and developed for advanced cycle isolation and secondary cycle leakage predictions. This is a valuable tool for any thermal performance program to quantify generation, efficiency and cycle flow lost from valve problems. Generating plants often suffer from power loses due to leakages through valves that are faulty and/or do not seat correctly. Often these losses are significant and are difficult to quantify. With TP-Plus CIM, plant personnel can quickly detect AND quantify leakage losses (in MWe & Btus!) in a plant cycle. 

TP-Plus TSM 
Thermal Performance-Plus TSM provides detailed reporting of significant thermal performance behavior to account for lost generation and heat rate in fossil, nuclear and combined cycle generating plants.

Thermal Performance-STEAM is a comprehensive steam table program that operates in Excel as an add-in and standalone as a calculation program. Psychrometrics, engineering functions and enginering unit conversion features are also a part of this package.

For more information about our TP-Plus software, go to our Thermal Performance Software page.

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