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True North Consulting's Thermal Performance division offers a full range of services and products to aid in your efforts to make your plant run at peak performance. 

Please download our brochures to find out more about what True North Consulting has to offer. 

Thermal Performance Brochure
This brochure will give you an in-depth description of our thermal performance products and services.

Thermal Performance Plus-Thermal System Monitor
TSM is an engineering tool kit consisting of several powerful and unique calculation modules for use in the electric power industry to simplify and provide time-saving convenient methods of tracking Thermal Performance in nuclear, fossil and combined cycle plant applications.

Thermal Performance Plus-Cycle Isolation Monitor 
CIM is a software developed for advanced cycle isolation.

Let the experienced plant engineers at True North assist you in quickly diagnosing problems and finding solutions to thermal performance issues

True North Consulting brings over 25 years of applying thermodynamic theory and procedures to increase plant generation and recover lost generation. The Thermal Performance Courses lay a foundation in theory, provide practical methods for thermal performance program development and explain how to detect and recover lost generation due to component or systemic problems.
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