Testing Services

In today’s power industry, plant personnel have fewer resources and time available to quantify one of the most critical aspects of a power plant: Thermal Performance.

In response to this need and to assist the plant engineering operations, and maintenance groups, True North Consulting offers Thermal Performance Testing.

Results from Thermal Performance Tests assist plants in quantifying equipment performance, identifying and quantifying losses, minimizing or preventing future losses, and optimizing unit operation. Additionally testing can be used to meet environmental or grid controller requirements.

True North Consulting can also provide custom Thermal Performance Testing services to fit individual plant requirements.

Thermal Performance testing results can be used to:

  • Schedule maintenance outages
  • Evaluate equipment modifications
  • Evaluate changes in operating procedures
  • Detect location of performance changes
  • Establish baseline performance for major equipment
  • Meet environmental commitments (316.b)
  • Diagnose performance degradation
  • Independently evaluate turbine retrofits (3rd party evaluations)
  • Assist load dispatching to reduce overall utility fuel usage
  • Evaluate energy credits or carbon usage
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