Monitoring a power plant’s thermal performance requires talents from various disciplines, combined with practical ability and a good understanding of thermodynamic principles. The True North training courses bring these attributes together by combining excellent theoretical knowledge with significant plant and thermal performance software experience. True North brings over 25 years of applying thermodynamic theories and procedures to these training courses.

The Thermal Performance Training Course lays a foundation in theory, provides practical methods for thermal performance program development and explains how to detect and recover lost generation and efficiency due to component or systemic problems. The course includes various workshops where the student uses tools to analyze plant problems. Interfaces with various departments are discussed along with how to integrate plant data into the decision making process.

Who Should Attend?

  • Experienced Engineers who need refresher training or are looking for new ideas.
  • Engineers responsible for thermal performance at power plants.
  • Test Engineers responsible for testing plant equipment.
  • Supervisors who want to develop and implement an effective thermal performance program.
  • Balance of Plant Design Engineers who desire to understand how their work can affect the entire secondary cycle.
  • Shift Supervisors or Operators who want to increase their understanding of how to operate a plant to achieve maximum plant efficiency or how to detect problems that result in decreased plant generation.


  • Identify new areas where plant efficiency can be increased
  • Establish a thermal performance monitoring program
  • Recover lost megawatts
  • Reduce elapsed time between the start of a problem and the correction of the problem

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